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no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ] ♪ final trade time. brian kelly, you are first. >> yeah, i still like the agricultural space. potash, buy it here. >> linkedin. i think there will be some dips along wait and she goes higher. >> steve weiss? >> qualcomm. this is one of the first
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quarters that after the stock popped, a great quarter. contingent to move higher. stealth but will hit new highs in the short rum. >> dr. j? >> avago, lit up on our heat seeker today and we bought it. >> how about the nasdaq. nasdaq is poised to close at a 12-year high. if you want it keep an eye on that. weiss, that has to be a bullish sign for the overall story, right? if technology hasn't participated that start to. >> exactly. so many people in bearish technology. it is great you point that out. nasdaq is associated with tech. i would continue to buy the quality tech names. >> that does it for us. have a great weekend. power start now. >> halftime is over. >> "power lunch" and second half of the trading day starts right now. >> it does start right now. and the rally lives at least for now, major indexes wiping out losses for the week. s&p 500 touching multiyear highs. rally, alive.
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a heart beat there. dow back above 14,000. even the nasdaq joining the party. it is on pace to close at a 12-year high. of course, have you heard -- i bet you probably haven't heard. northeast is bracing for a blizzard. thousands of flight have been cancelled. two feet of snow expected in some areas. mostly to the north of new york city. the latest on the storm path and at which sectors will be impacted the most. first on cnbc, mattel meeting analyst. toy maker ceo will speak with us first on "power lunch" before he spokes with the street -- guess who's here? >> good to see you, ty. >> nice to see you. >> mother nature -- >> here at snowy cnbc headquarters. >> mother nature derailed my commute. but at least we are together in the snowy weather. >> that's right. barbie and ken of -- >> that's right. barbie and ken of "power lunch." first to the markets, we will put the storm aside for a couple
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of second. with today's gains, major averages wiped out losses for the week. that could of course change but if it does hold the s&p 500, the dow and nasdaq will have racked up gains in each of the first six weeks of 2013. bob pisani is down on the floor of the nyse. he did manage to get to the new york stock exchange exchange today. >> let me be blunt about it, sue, everybody at the new york stock exchange wants to go home. but they're not. they are hardworking professionals and the nyse told them they couldn't go home. five-year highs. don't worry about the volume. volume is 20% below normal. dow transports and russell 2000 at a historic high. midcap at a high as well. data this morning is what was important. take a look at s&p futures this morning. 8:30 bb data on trade come out. trade and balance was better than expected. we have been running a deficit
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for years, as you know, sue. but this time it is narrower than anticipated. remember it was negative. 0.1. a positive print on gdp likely when the revision comes in. you see the big pop there this morning? that's because of the trade numbers overall. so good numbers, good day overall. don't worry about volume and we are staying until the bitter end, sue? >> indeed you are, bob. appreciate it. meanwhile, big snowstorm is bearing down on the northeast nap is sending fuel prices to new highs for 2013. sharon epperson tracks the action for us at the nyse pits. hi, sharon. >> hi. already paying the highest gasoline prices for this time of year, now many in the northeast who heat homes with heating oil will be hit with record high home heating bills as well. we are looking at prices just this week alone for heating oil few furs surge 3% leading energy
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markets higher here and we are continuing to watch what is happening in terms of the percentage of homes in the northeast that use heating oil. of course it is only 6% of homes throughout the u.s. but 80% of those homes are here in the northeast. we are talking about more than a quarter of the homes here in the northeast that use heating oil. and that is having a big impact. in fact it will have a disproportional impact because if you are paying to heat your home with natural gas you are paying far, far less than what you use for paying with heating oil. a lot of that is trickle down of course to the consumer and it is based on what is happening right here behind me in the futures market. we are looking at higher prices pretty much across the board. yes, we have seen a downturn in u.s. oil price because we have a supply boom at least for oil but crude is what a lot of the fuels are based on and that continues to rise higher as well. i have more information on why you pay such high prices now on take a look. >> sharon, thank you very much. let's get the latest headlines
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on the storm from jackie deangeles. she has ventured outside of cnbc's headquarters. a brave person is she. there she is. just feet away. but outdoors. jackie? >> good afternoon, tyler. let me get you updated on the latest. first off connecticut governor has declared a state of emergency. he is urging people it stay off the roads and stay home in preparation for winter storm nemo. at this point, forecasts are calling for 12 to 24 inches on part of the northeast. new york city looking from 6 to 12 inches and of course during blizzard warning as well. also out of new york city. amtrak suspended northbound trains out of new york penn station and the flight cancellations continue as well. the latest stack that we have on flights, 4,452 have been suspended between yesterday, today and tomorrow. that's according to flight and we are hearing in fact that we could see more suspensions,
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airlines just waiting to see how this storm goes. but where we are just a few miles north of the george washington bridge, the fluffy snow we saw this morning has turned into more of a wintery mix. more ice conditions at this point and wind gusts picked up but still heavier traveled roads we are looking at don't see any kind of disruptions and traffic is moving just fine. of course we are watching it very closely but that brings me to the emotional and economic toll of this kind of storm. i say emotional because in this area we are still recovering from superstorm sandy. the same kind of things in this situation now people have had to go out, stock up on supplies, getting food, getting gas, et cetera, preparing for the worst and economic impact we could see a boost from that stocking up. at the same time, if we have a white out tomorrow, it will probably balance out, according to economists. sue and tyler, back over to you. >> thank you very much, jackie. so who will be the sector
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winners and losers from this big storm? let's bring in the weather channel's paul walsh. he is taking a look at some of the retailers. paul? >> yep. hey, tyler, how are you? >> what areas do you think would be the winners in this, in terms of retail? >> you know, there's been this interesting conversion in increasing or increasing ability to predict these kind of storms so we have been talking about the storm since tuesday. and when you overlay with that the new media channels that we have, it provides a voice to consumers in the area impacted that hasn't been there before. what that means is that before the storm we've gotten more people heading to the stores, home debow, grocery stores and stocking up and because of the long leads going into the storm, we have seen a lot of sort of positive momentum from that. the sort of usual suspects will do really good going into the storm. we may see negative impact into the weekend. >> what would negative impacts be? who is at risk from this?
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obviously from airlines i guess. they get disrupted but make up the flight eventually. and i guess some retailers are losers here. you're not going to go out and do a lot of impulse shopping. it is an important weekend right before valentine's day. i'm told valentine's day is next week. >> that's right. there is a shift in spend in terms of buying things that you absolutely need versus things you might want because you are going into the valentine's weekend. retailers, department stores, folks selling nonessential items will take a hit. also take a hit in terms of traffic tomorrow. and in a segment impacting 20 to 25 million people. this will have an impact for sales on those folks. >> paul, thank you very much. he went to jarod, right? >> he did. jackie deangeles set this up perfectly for us, ty. airlines in focus. one sector taking a hit from the big storm but what impact might nemo have on profit, their
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bottom line right now. phil lebeau has that for us. phil? >> i think that will be little impacted because airlines have had time to repair for nemo. the cancellations continue to be increased in terms of the number of cancellations announced. we are talking about today, tomorrow, yesterday. all together from the 7th through the 9th, more than 4400 flight cancelled. again, when you look at what impact this has on airlines, keep in mind they are starting to reposition planes already. when you look at satellite photo of what is happening with the weather system, here is why. you don't want your planes in any kind of path. you want them out of there so they are moving planes around. as we mentioned earlier, financial impact, we won't know the final tally for some time pf but this cost the airline industry about $190 million. this won't have anywhere close to that impact. when you look at where this blizzard ranks compared to others in terms of flight cancellations, look at sandy.
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20,000. more than 20,000. we haven't even hit 5,000. so in comparison to what we have seen with past storms, this is relatively contained. that doesn't mean it is not an important storm or that people shouldn't pay attention to it or that airlines are not happy about it but it does mean that relative to what we have seen over the last couple of years, it is somewhat contained and they believe by sunday you see the flights return again. >> phil, we are also focussing on boeing. you have been following that story. the grounding is still in place for the airline but they are doing test flights of the 787. give us details on that. >> they have been cleared to do test flight. the faa said, listen, can you do test flights but we will put restrictions on it. boeing says they will not do test flights today. they are likely to start over the next couple of days, and here is the reason why. when you're doing test flights and when we did the dreamliner documentary, we had the chance do go out there and sit in on some of the briefings and preparations before test flightflights they are looking for very
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specific things with every test flight. these planes are packed with gear, with engineers. all of the stuff you need to monitor, whether it is the battery webs electronics, whatever it might be. so the faa put these restrictions on them. boeing will have everything in place probably in the next couple of days and that's when we see the test flights resume for the dreamliner. >> phil lebeau, thanks, phil. appreciate it. >> you bet it. >> eric fisher is in boston. they are really bracing for the storm. eric, i know boston is expected to get several feet of snow. >> this could be a big one in boston. they have big storms but you get over two feet in four times in recorded history has that happened in the city of boston. we are getting update here. right now the snow is light to moderate but is expected to really pick up over the next couple of hours. governor patrick issuing an executive order banning vehicle traffic starting 4:00 this afternoon. what does that mean? well, a strong encouragement
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from the office. it basically says, if you're on the roads and police stop you, they can take the appropriate action if they need to. bottom line is, they are really stressing, do not travel on roads as we head through this afternoon. over at the airport, you are in trouble too because hundreds of flights have been cancelled at logan alone. and several thousand cancelled system wide here in the united states. i talked to a woman a moment ago, she said she is trying to get to florida today. they told her, maybe monday. so for people here, you won't be going anywhere for a couple of days. a big backlog in flights will trickle down as we head through today, tomorrow and into sunday. the rates of the snow fall, two to three inches per hour, imagine that stacking up in your backyard. imagine that if you are a snow plow operator, you can't deal with it. the snow will be there tomorrow morning, probably tomorrow afternoon for a lot of neighborhoods. so they are urging, make sure have you supplyes.
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we have big storms but you may not be going anywhere for a couple of days and you may lose power for a couple of days. >> i think the only people that will be happy about this are the kids. >> two to three inches ever johnny walker. no, not really. mattel ceo brian stockton is meeting at a a toy fair next week. but before he meets with the analyst, he will talk to us. stay with us. we'll be right back. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪ how do traders using technical analysis streamline their process? at fidelity, we do it by merging two tools into one. combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia
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welcome back to "power lunch." i'm josh lipton. your biggest gainer in the s&p 500, following earnings report which owners of tuscahaa call the broadest earnings report within the semi conductor space. j.p. morgan weighing in, saying they consider conductors with the margins. names like texas instruments trading at its 52-week high. tyler, back to you. >> josh, thank you very much. enter ji taking the blame for the super bowl power outage. get this, the device was specifically installed to protect the superdome's equipment in the event of a cable failure between the switch gear and stadium. oops. energy. let's look at how the stock is trading right now. you see a bit after slide down. a buck 35 at 63.61 today.
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sue? >> ty, mattel analysts meeting in new york. two straight years of billion dollar plus operating and brand like barbie and hot wheels. but there are challenges that remain. namely competition from mobile space and uneven global recovery. stock is trading at 52-week highs because they beat on the revenue figure. up about a percent on the trading session at $40.09. first on "power lunch," ceo briyan stockton talking to us ahead of analysts. mr. stockton, we appreciate it. thanks for being here on "power lunch." >> thanks. it is great to be here in new york, even with all of the snow. >> yes, your timing was very interesting to say the least. >> talk to me about business overall. i notice that you managed to gain market share from hasboro. you gained market share from
1:19 pm
european markets and i assume that is something analysts will hone in on. >> yes, we add very successful 2012. we were able to grow revenues and challenging economic environment. our gross margins were the highest they have ever been. we had record cash flow at $1.3 billion. we had a very successful year and our aim is to carry that momentum into 2013. we will talk to analysts about our strategies and how we would like to do that. >> ty? >> i would like to ask mr. stockton a couple of questions that seem to me to be a possible head winds for your company. number one, are young children playing as much with what we would call traditional toys or are they substituting handheld devices and other electronics? that's number one. number two, for your business, are you heavily dependent, more than you used to be, on the success of other company's franchises, character franchises, whether it is disney
1:20 pm
or universal characters for your success. >> that's a great couple of questions. let me start with digital play. we track kids play all the time as you might expect since we are the largest toy company in the world. what we found is that traditional play is really unchanged. it is about 30 minutes a day. and it has been about that time for the last four years. that is despite all of the growth in digital. we viewed digital as complimentary to traditional toy play. toy play tends to be more social. you can act out stories and games. digital play tend to be more solitary and sort of game and goal focused. so we think they can be combined together. actually what we like to do with digital is we like it take digital technology and bring it in with the toys. so for example, this year we have two great items with barbie. one is called the digital dress where a girl can digitally design on a dress. we have barbie make-up mirror, which is an ipad that gez into a make-up mirror and the girl can
1:21 pm
put make-up on without getting into mom's lipstick. it is a way to integrate the two. >> a quick thought on your dependence, my word, not yours, on other people's successful franchises to build franchises of your own. >> sure. we have historically run about 25% of our revenue possess. that's pretty consistent for the industry. from other licensed brands. we have a terrific portfolio of licensed brands from people like disney, nickelodeon, warner broer brother wwe. we expect that to stay. monster high we launched three years ago. three years ago sales were zero, two years ago a billion dollars for retail. we are launching another new brand called mac steel. we are expanding that globally.
1:22 pm
we are investing with creating our own brand and keeping core brands like barbie, hot wheels, thomas and american girl. >> you are not the only company who struggled a little bit over the holiday season and have you raised prices as a result of what they are calling a h o o-hum chris miss. hasboro also had that issue. it begs the question, perhaps the economy is not on as solid a footing as people think. give me your forecast as we are in 2013. >> sure. we see ourselves from a cost standpoint as you know earlier in the week, china just announced they will increase minimum wages again. that obviously affects the cost of our product but that puts the burden on us to come up with more play value. we are constantly looking at how we reduce cost but also add more interest in our brands through whether it is dvds or on-line and how toys react as well.
1:23 pm
it is a constant balance willing act. but we would see the economy will continue to be choppy. especially in western europe. but for us, because we are a global company, we see continued opportunity in eastern europe, latin-america and asia as well. >> when is ken going to propose to barbie? they have been dating a long time mr. stockton. >> well, that's a big secret. but the big news for barbie, she is moving to fr malibu after living there for 41 years. she is searching for a new home and either of you can buy her home for $41 million. >> oh, thank you. ken needs to either drink or stock the bar. >> tyler, reuters reporting that cit group, specialty finance company has had preliminary talks over the past year and a half to sell itself to banks, including dominion bank and wells fargo. goldman sachs bankers have had informal talks on behalf of cit. cit is telling cnbc they will
1:24 pm
comment on rumors or speculation. the stock is reacting, popping about 2%, right here, tyler. >> thank pup housing on the road to recovery. many americans once again using homes as credit cards. home ec wit lines. should we be worried, diane? >> that depends on what we are spending that home equity money on. we will tell you up next on "power lunch."
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welcome back it "power lunch." i'm john harwood. at the white house, white house economic officials just had a briefing, trying to paint as dire a possible a picture as budget sequesters in order to put pressure on republicans to accept tax increases as part after deal it avoid the he is quester. two economic officials from the obama administration saying it would result in 70,000 kids being thrown off of head start in a couple of thousand fewer food inspectiones. 373,000 fewer mental health patient treated. 540 million in smaller loan guarantee. 600,000 fewer women and children receiving food assistance. this is putting pressure on congress to act because many
1:28 pm
republicans expressed the idea they could let the budget sequester take effect. some democrats suggested that is not so terrible from their point of view too. white house is trying it make a counter argument. we will see over the next couple of weeks since tsequester is du to take effect. >> how effective is this, john? we have seen the white house before where they put out the worst case scenario where they try to force things along against republican answers in some cases it backfired. what do you think this time? >> it backfired at certain times. this is a moment where the white house believes the president still has wind at his back from the election results. they thought they did well at the fiscal cliff. though it is yet to be seen. these spending cut negotiations will determine whether they did well but tle are trying to increase pressure. one thing they have going for them is republicans don't like to sequester either. you have pro defense for republicans saying this is going
1:29 pm
to impact bases and contractors in my district. that is something that dove tails with the president's argument. >> john harwood at the white house. thank you. this didn't take long. home prices back on the rise. and banks are seeing a surge in home equity lines of credit. should w worried and what are homeowners spending the money on this time around? diana is in washington with some of the answers. hi, diane. >> hey, sue, you're right. it feels like nano second. home sales go from boom to bust and now we are tapping into home equity lines of credit again. j.p. morgan chase reports a 31% jump in helocs. not only that but the amount of money we are borrowing against our homes is up as well. edging up towards $90,000 on average. how is this possible in a senior executive here at wells fargo says it is not just the increase
1:30 pm
in home values doing it. it is an increase in consumer confidence. that is, folks are feeling better about their ability to repay the loans, so they are taking them out. now of course the big question, what are we spending the money on? you remember the good old days when it was all about the fancy cars and fancy boats and putting a swimming pool in the backyard and big vacation. forget it. that is not what it is doing today. today the evidence is so far only anecdotal but banks are telling us that money is largely going to home improvement projects. since a lot of us put those on hold during the recession. that remodeling boom is benefiting the likes of home depot, loans, caesarstone and heck decorating and furniture companies. you asked, should we be worried. probably not. banks are much stricter with who they hand out the lines of credit with. and there are more fixed rate products in home equity lines. for more, find it on the realty check on
1:31 pm
sue? >> diana, i will pick up. i would assume some of these loans are for higher education? >> absolutely. we are seeing it for education. but the line we are hearing from the banks, especially here at wells fargo, is that people are spending it more quote responsibly. they want it get home improvements done, get things fixed, pay for education. may also pay down other debt they accumulated. >> all right, thank you very much. gold prices closing right now. sharon epperson is following that for us. >> closing around 1667 an ounce, you flow, gold has been under a very tight trading range since the beginning of the year. only about a $20 range per day. today it is only $9. we have seen low volumes and tight ranges recently. that's part of the reason why with less volatility, the cme group is cutting margins. not just for gold but for
1:32 pm
silver, and plat yum. we are also keeping an eye on platinum and palladium. speculators are getting in there and will be hard hit if prices can come down. back to you. >> sharon, thank you very much. coming up, winter storm nemo powering through the northeast. well bring you the very latest on the conditions coming up next. plus, do you think on-line gambling should be legalized nationwide? new jersey's governor chris christie saying he may be open to that. details when ty and i come back. , our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard. hey do you wanna get a drink later? [ male announcer ] hold packages at any fedex office location.
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let's get the trading action from the floor of the new york stock exchange and bob pisani, kind of steady as she goes, right? >> yes. as i said, everybody wants to do home but nobody is. there is a hope this is a rain side as opposed to a snow side. but no snow yet in downtown new york. take a look at etfs. i'll be at a big conference monday. first of all, i'll show you the highs. there is your asia strength. china data is very good this morning as is u.s.'s trade data. australia, sing more, hong kong, all are stronger.
1:36 pm
can you buy these and own these markets on the etfs if you look at the symbols that are there. look at the new highs we have here today. important thing is, s&p 500, five-year high here. i am going to be at the biggest etf conference of the year and that's coming up monday. inside trader, inside etf conference for index the important thing sb sue, is this is the biggest growth area in all of the securities area. and i will talk about etf of and give you comments on what you think is the big hot growth area for etfs. we will cover it all day monday and tuesday. >> we look forward to it, bob. safe travels. >> on track it close at 12-year high, seema mody is there. she has big movers for us. hi, seema. >> hi. up about a percent on the day and interestingly enough, apple is joining the prty. staging a major come back this week. up 5%.
1:37 pm
grasso is highlighting apple versus amazon trade. take a look at the chart. we have been talking about the rotation of capital. amazon, interestingly enough, when you look at the chart, seems like we see this reallocation back into apple and perhaps that's why we see shares higher while amazon shares are lower on the day outside of tech we have our eyes o on amgen presented at an investor conference. raising the forecast. highlighting international plans as well as the use of biosimilares it fend off generic competition. stock up 2% on the day. >> thanks, seema bp to the bond market. rick santelli is tracking the bond market at the cme. what is this, 197? >> yes. exactly right. as a matter of fact, as you look at two-day chart, you will understand why the trade seems to be skipping five bay basis points around 195, 196, used a. >> a pivot. as sue said, we touched that
1:38 pm
level. moved higher an lower in price. even though the psychological level of 2 spers important, hey, traders like scalping as well. if you open the chart up to a month to date, you can see the mid 09s level is support on yields resistance on price. let's open this up a bit to some barclay's spreads on high yield. a lot of people are talking about the turn. both down on the year, but as you see on the spread basis with barclay's on one-month, they have risen. they have widened out. but if you open it up to multiyear, you can see it is still tamed by historic comparisons of the credit crisis. tyler, back to you. >> rick, thank you very much. northeast bracing for snowpocalyps. >> hey, tyler. what is the first thing you do when you come to an airport as you come over to a monitor.
1:39 pm
that's what you do is check your flight. for example, if you are planning to get out to raleigh durham on the 2:45, you're out of luck. that flight is cancelled. several hundred flights have been cancelled through the new york area. that's in advance of airlines trying to get ahead of this storm. good news for passengers is they have waved the cancellation fee to make it easier for people to change their planes. they are trying to get ahead of the storm. they will have something like 200 pieces of equipment to try it clear the runways for that storm that's coming. we're also hearing that there's a possibility that as of between 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon, all flights will be cancelled. one person said they have a flight scheduled to miami around the 2:00 hour. on the board it says it is still on time, but they are crossing their fingers that they actually get out. if they shut down the airport flights, this evening, the good news is, it is saturday. it is a lighter travel day.
1:40 pm
it gives the airport a chance to get things back together and hopefully they are saying they might be able to get traffic in terms of back in the air, around late saturday, and hopefully for sure on sunday. tyler? >> thank you very much. i have a flight on sunday. have my fingers crossed. thank you. bad weather means good sales for residents like home depot. let's look at shares of hd. up about .8 of 1%. mary, would you pick up some hundred watt bulbs for me, please? >> i will certainly do that, tyler. home depot down plays the impact a single storm has on its total sales. but it will ak ncknowledge sale before and after a blizzard are usually less than the sales before or after a hurricane. however this time might be different. in large part because nemo is coming so close on the heels of superstorm sandy. here is district manager rmerce.
1:41 pm
>> this put a lot of information into customers minds. never take it for granted, be prepared. >> here inn hackensack, they aren't take anything chances. the last snow blower sewed at 11:30. typically, clients will want snow shovels and snow blowers before a blizzard. but merced said big ticket items like generators are at the top of the list. not only is it out of generators, it is also out of gas cans. before hurricane sandy, the pumps went down and people found themselves out of fuel. so people are filling their gas
1:42 pm
cans up and prepared to fill the generators. >> i remember, mary. thank you so much. as bob pisani mentioned earlier, it hasn't begun in new york city but it is wreaking havoc on upcoming fashion week opinion this is a key week in new york city. >> it is. >> for retailers and fashion houses. >> that's true. just imagine, fashionistas flocking to the tents in snow boots. >> snow boots. >> that is a tragedy. but the twice a year week-long event is not only important to those involved but twice annual fashion week is a boost to the new york city economy. they have huge teams displaying collection to a hundred thousand guests for an impact of $770 million per year. there are 42 shows on the schedule between today and sunday. but thousands of flights have been cancelled as we know. tents might be missing clothing,
1:43 pm
key attendees and fashion designers themselves. mark jacobson and duffey wrote a letter saying, we have made the decision to postpone our collection and show until thursday. img fashion, the organization producing the the event, sathey are working to move shows to tonight from tomorrow. they are working to maintain structures. that's also another concern. the tents are semi permanent structure but heavy snow and wind, you don't know. >> that's a nightmare. that's an absolute nightmare. courtney, thank you very much. i can't even imagine. let's recap other headlines. google on the rise after being added to morgan stanley's best ideas list. and linkedin has better than forecasted profits for the year. strong search and advertising
1:44 pm
sales helped aol grow as well. 2013 is the year of the snake. that the year of worry as well. we will tell what you you can do about it, coming up next. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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1:48 pm
all right, today is yahoo! finance question of the day. we ask with the northeast bracing for a nor'easter, how likely are you to buy a back up
1:49 pm
power generators in 12% say very likely. weather is getting volatile and unpredictable. 19% say, i'm thinking about it. 69% say, i'm not likely. i'm going to hope for the best. we hope you don't need that power generator. let's see what is coming up on "street signs." hi, mandy. >> what do they say in the boy scouts? be prepared. anyway, it is interesting you just gave that yahoo! poll because as nemo is barreling towards us, we will speak exclusively to two competing generator can companies and ask their ceos how much demand they are expecting to see. in the meantime, china data is strong, especially if you just massage it a little. we will talk to someone who says it is just not reliable any more. and why is linkedin killing it? weighing in on it is something named in the top 1% of the most viewed on linkedin and he is here walking among us here at cnbc. all these things on the show. sue, ty, back to you on "power lunch." >> thank you. new jersey's governor chris
1:50 pm
christie shooting down an on-line gambling bill but says he is open to it in the future but only under certain conditions. brian schactman is joining us. >> it seems like if they do what he wants, he will support it. but he is worried about encouraging addiction and worried about diluting tourism. but in the end, the opportunity it jump-start atlantic city is just too appealing. he actually vetoed legislation on the issue but gave two to three things that could be done to earn his signature. he wanted ten-year trial period. of course he want to date on-line gambling and not marry it yet. he will live with it for a while. higher ta tax rate to 15% from 10. and governor wanted more funds dedicated to addiction services. those additions are expected to happen, and it should pass being the third state with nevada and
1:51 pm
delaware allowing gambling on-line. the companies would be based in new jersey too. that means gambling revenue as well as jobs would come into the state. you know how gambling has been a big way it get revenue in the tight times of state budgets. also, out of state gamblers could be allowed to do this as well. if they are on state allowed gambling. right now there is only two others. on the stock side, take a look at these names here. according to the wall street journal, they signed deals to service the industry. in new jersey. they traded in london but had huge days, bwin almost 15 times its average daily volume. i want to point out people, this legislation has nothing to do with sports betting. new jersey is moving ahead with that as well but can't start doing it until or unless they settle a lawsuit with major sports and ncaa. with the thing with on-line betti betting, they are in early and it'll be huge in it happens.
1:52 pm
>> thanks, folks. what inspired clint eastwood's empty chair ref willry? here is a hint. it involves neil diamond, sweet caroline. the answer on power when we come back. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it.
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♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪
1:54 pm
as we mentioned earlier, chris christie vetoed a gambling bill and he said he would sign off on it if it had a ten-year.
1:55 pm
>> michelle? >> i like state laws. you shouldn't impoe pose on states a lot of different things so no national laws related gambling. >> how about you, jane? >> first of all a ten-year trial period. that's an trial period, that's a deal. they have already approved rolling it out and about. i think you may need regulations for this to work, for there to be regulatory impetus here. i think it is like pot. let's tax it, regulate it and have some money to help the people who abuse it, because they already are abusing it. >> the year of the snake, which means the year of worry. michelle, your biggest worry for the markets? you worried? >> placomplacency. i'm worried about china. everybody was worried about a hard landing that doesn't appear to be happening right now. but there aresome things that could go wrong. the new transition, new team in place. they are trying to shake loose vested interest. i think things will be tough there in some ways that we don't expect.
1:56 pm
>> jany? >> i think apple will be a normal boring company and we will have nothing to talk about. >> we will always talk about apple, jane. always we will talk about apple. >> how will we fill the hours of programming? >> i just don't know. clint eastwood explained how he came up with the empty chair gig he did at the republican national convention speech. i heard a neil diamond song playing in his hotel room shortly before his address. listen to the lyrics he heard that he says inspired him. >> i am, i said, to no one there ♪ ♪ and no one heard at all, not even the chair ♪ >> not even the chair. the inspiration comes from odd places. and he, by his own admission, says i'm something of an odd
1:57 pm
character. michelle? >> like all women 25 and under, i love neil diamond. i thought it was great inspiration. i love the moment at the rnc convention. it was so awkwardly uncomfortable and gave us something to talk about for days. >> it did. >> turned out to be more like "song sung blue." but i love clint eastwood because he doesn't care what we think about it. i just doesn't care, and i love that. >> if anybody earned the right to say, i don't care what you think, i will just say what i think, then it is clint eastwood. there he is talking to the chair. sue? >> up next, guys, post office announcing how much money it lost in the latest quarter. can you guess the amount? we will tell you when we come back. at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in
1:58 pm
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